About Us

Our goal is to redefine natural Australian skin care with highly active, pure formulations

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About Us

The definitive link between nature and natural.

Natural, effective, trustworthy and luxurious. Throughout our lives we try to fill our time with the things we love, we understand that we are not always afforded the luxury to be able to spend hours a day on ourselves, unfortunately!

After identifying this we wanted to develop a system which performs as a strong foundation to maintain healthy, youthful skin which doesn’t require a large allocation of time but provides exceptional results.

With five streamlined solutions we have addressed the major issues we are confronted with during day to day living. From dull skin tone, to dark spots all the way through to fine lines and wrinkles rest assured that the Novellus system will provide you with tangible results.

Sacrificing results or health was not an option for us. Every product produced by Novellus uses the highest quality natural ingredients without any meaningless or harmful fillers, ensuring your skin is nourished with the most beneficial aspects of our system.

Rediscover the way you look at natural skin care and skin health.

Our Story

Redefining the way we think about Natural Skin Care.

After moving from Colombia to Australia Novellus founder Beatriz Durango discovered a new approach to her health and lifestyle. Internal and skin health had always been a priority.

When arriving in Australia Beatriz was greeted with an overwhelming amount of options to incorporate into her diet, options which known in her home she had just left.

Following many years of doing research and discovery, Beatriz went about designing and developing the Novellus Skin Care system which incorporates the amazing natural active ingredients that are apart of her diet and lifestyle.

Employing the help of some amazing talent located close to Byron Bay, Novellus began to take shape. Having a team of individuals who are just as passionate about skin health and natural beauty as Beatriz was the fundamental key in the Novellus system.

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Our natural formulations have excluded using the following:

Synthetic ingredients

Mineral oils / petroleum

Synthetic fragrances / perfume


Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Animal derived ingredients


Ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, TEA)

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Ethically Minded

Conscious of our responsibility.

We believe we have a certain ethical responsibility in everything we do and produce, that’s why none of our products have ever come in contact with an animal, nor do we do business with suppliers who undertake or support these practices.

It is of great importance to set an example and see the tide change for the better and although we are just one company we hope that you require us to behave and act ethically. It’s with these social expectations that we can expect to see better commercial behaviour.

A great deal of thought and consciousness has gone into the packaging produced for Novellus. We have considered using as many recyclable materials as feasibly possible, glass being our primary material, which can be forever recycled.

Novellus is continually researching to set the bar as high as we can for packaging in our domain. We understand there is still progress to be made but innovation and creativity are the challenges that excite us.