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How it Works

Our carefully Crafted formula to beautiful, Healthy Skin.

A strong foundation Begins from Nature.


All five of our products are built on a base of Aloe Vera rather than water and contain only natural ingredients all which, but three, are locally sourced for quality and purity purposes. The other three ingredients are sourced from plant species which don’t grow in Australia.


The Novellus system contains your essential daily products, providing you with a strong foundation for your skin care. Each step provides you maximum results with minimum daily commitment.


Our ingredient combinations have been meticulously researched to make sure you receive the very best of what you need when your skin needs it.


You will find that our products contain no animal or animal by products, making them not only vegan but superior in quality. Typically animals fats are commonly used in cheaper cosmetics and degrade the quality of the product, providing no real benefit for your skin.


Our active ingredient levels put us into the category of cosmeceutical, a cosmetic that has or is claimed to have medicinal properties. Using cosmeceutical actives on a daily basis will help provide you with noticeable enhancements to your skin, when an ingredient list has been diluted it’s hard to gain tangible results.


Novellus was comprised of the wants and needs of the average woman. We began a dialogue many years ago to see what the typical woman wants to achieve from her skin care routine. Fast forward to this present day, five steps and less than a 10 minute commitment per day and we have Novellus Skin Care.

I want to Start using natural Skin Care...

But I don't know where to start?

We hear this comment often enough that it never gets old. Natural, Green and Clean beauty is still a relatively new concept with a sea of information coming from a lot of different sources. The information can be hard to navigate at times and often leads to confusion causing choice paralysis.

Below we will outline three straight forward cases as to why you should make the switch over to natural skin care and why Novellus Skin Care could be a great fit for your skin health and lifestyle.

Beginning a new skin care routine can be done one Step at a Time.

A lot of our users didn’t begin by diving into the full range. Many began by incorporating one product at a time, usually as a replacement for a product they currently use.

When you begin to see the results of what just one product replacement can achieve, you will be amazed at what a routine overhaul can do!

Easing into the Novellus system is a great way of better understanding your skin needs and requirements by being able to closely observe changes that particular products or ingredients can have.

Novellus Natural Skin Care Benefit Products Image
Novellus Natural Skin Care Benefit Applying Moisturiser Image

Natural skin care is Not Only for the short term, it’s for the Long Term.

It’s human nature to want things immediately and wanting immediate results from you skin care is no different. While our products do produce fantastic short term results you can really experience the benefits of Novellus based on our amazing long term results.

After weeks of becoming accustom to your new routine your body will embrace the natural vitamins and minerals found in all five of our products. You will begin to notice your skins health greatly improve while irregularities and blemishes, which may have been a regular annoyance will disappear.

High concentration Actives, for highly effective Results.

Our natural skin care is classed as Cosmeceutical, meaning that Novellus products contain higher levels of our best and most effective active ingredients in each bottle. These concentration amounts matter when you want to see beautiful results from your skin care.

While other solutions might present a single 'hero' ingredient, we have found that combining ingredient combinations that work well together provide more than one single benefit.

The importance we place on ingredients isn't just about concentration levels and pairings, we also pursue the highest quality, most pure resources available to make sure there is no compromise in quality or results.

Novellus Natural Skin Care Benefit Young Woman Image

Native Australian Ingredients from some of the most Pure Resources available.

Australia is home to some very unique and wonderful botanics, fruits, flora and fauna. We discovered just how beneficial these are when we began the research for Novellus many years ago.

Amazing fruits growing in our own backyard and yet only a small percentage of people living here can identify them. We knew we had to use them and not only in our skincare but in our diets.

Our ingredients are grown here in Australia by local passionate artisans who know just how wonderful these plants are. For our users who have discovered the magic behind native Australian ingredients they know exactly what we mean when we say supernatural!

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Vegan Friendly Formulations
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Mountain Pepperberry Ingredient Image

Native Australian Mountain Pepperberry

Found in our Fruit Enzyme Cream Cleanser

Riberry Fruit Ingredient Image

Native Australian Riberry

Found in our Fruit Enzyme Cream Cleanser & Natural Day Cream

Pepperberry Leaf Ingredient Image

Native Australian Pepperberry Leaf

Found in our Natural Night Cream

Native Australian Cranberry Ingredient Image

Native Australian Cranberry

Found in our Fruit Enzyme Cream Cleanser

Native Australian Caviar Lime Ingredient Image

Native Australian Caviar Lime

Found in our Fruit Enzyme Cream Cleanser & Active Facial Serum

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