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Novellus Skin Care and our efforts towards Sustainability.

We believe we have a certain ethical responsibility in everything we do and produce for our community.

Placing the Responsibility on us to do Better.

Adopting sustainable measures has come into focus more than ever in the last few years. Companies and businesses are experiencing social pressure to make sure that they are mindful of the environment when they produce their goods and services.

We currently find ourselves spoilt for choice in this new retail era, and this puts us in a position to demand more conscious choices from companies we support.

This was our attitude from the conception of Novellus; we wanted to pursue this project in the most ethical way possible, making sure we left the smallest footprint behind.

We began by examining the producers of our product and eventually found a small company located near Byron Bay, New South Wales. From their production methods their use of renewable energy, we knew they had to be the ones to produce Novellus.

Every intricate detail is as Important as the last.

Having our production location close to Byron Bay makes access to local ingredient growers easy and convenient. The passion that is exhibited by these growers is contagious, and you truly begin to understand how lucky we are to have access to such pure resources within Australia.

All of our products are housed within glass containers for the simple fact that glass is infinitely recyclable. And while we do have small components that are made from plastic, we are working towards finding more eco-friendly, sustainable replacements.

Due to the new demand placed on manufacturers by small business, the industry is currently playing catch up, and these components are incredibly hard to find, or financially unviable to produce.

Entering into Partnerships with those who share our same Core Values.

While we continue with our research and development, we are planning to work in conjunction with Terracycle and make regular deposits of our customer's old bottles and jars.

We want women to have a guilt-free experience of luxury, knowing we can enjoy our me-time without having to add more waste to landfill.

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